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Find examples of OKRs within Finance. Copy Objectives & Key Results from our vast library of examples to get inspired by when launching your next OKR period.
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We hope these OKR Examples within Finance will get you off to a good start with your new OKRs. However, just don’t forget that it is critical that you also do the work of really thinking through what specific change you are trying to achieve. In conclusion, see the below OKR Examples as inspiration, but remember that your best OKR is probably a unique solution to your own very specific situation.

Within the Finance space, the most common types of roles driving change include Chief Financial Officer, Business Controllers and more.

Check out the examples below and feel free to copy them into our OKR tool, or continue the dialogue on our LinkedIn page. If you can’t find what you are looking for or if you want more help with OKR Examples within Finance, please use the form in the bottom of the page and we’ll help you create a custom OKR specific for the meaningful change you want to achieve for free. 

Looking for more inspiration within OKRs? Find articles on best practices and additional OKR Examples on our resources page.

Examples of OKRs for Finance

An OKR to make sure Finance covers the main areas, but with extra focus on transactions.
We’ve made sure our finance functions is broad but focused on transaction processing.
20% of finance function time allocated to control
20% of finance function time allocated to decision support
20% of finance function time allocated to management activities
40% of finance function time allocated to transaction processing
An OKR to automate the budget completion and increase its speed.
Our automated budget completion process is quicker with less resource.
Go from 3 to 1 days to complete the quarterly budget per business unit.
Go from 40 % to 10 % finance function FTEs allocated to the process budget completion.
An OKR that focus on a very specific area within finance and its cycle times.
Significantly improve the speed of internal controls within bank transactions
We go from 7 to 2 hours on average to initiate, approve, and dispatch a wire transfer
Go from 5 to 1 hours on average to reconcile a single bank account

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