OKR Program

Let each person join your OKR journey at the same time. Our AI-driven OKR tools provides you with custom individual levels to make sure action is supported every day, 5 days a week. Kick start your shared success with Node.

Introducing Cat the coach and shooting-for-the-moon awesome Client of It's in the Node.

Coaching with AI based in your unique context.

Using your company’s vision & strategy as its foundation, we active an AI powered chatbot that knows your company. It suggests every day what your next move might be. On an individual level.

For middle management

Focus: Becoming a better manager

Let Node’s AI-driven tools keep a constant eye on your teams progress, identifying where extra support is needed to advice you on a daily basis.

“It is Node’s process in itself that is the real value.

How it forces us to remember the long game and focus on our main mission – to create real effect for children at risk in Sweden. It brings this focus to our everyday work, every week, every quarter.”

For leadership

More continuous follow-up, less preparation

Node supports each individual and manager in their focus and plan for the week, making sure you see the updated pictures at all times. Prepare yourself for a more forward-looking meeting culture.

Program Setup

Vision, strategy & organization

We set up our systems with your current Vision & Strategy. Develop your set of Focus Areas for the coming period and connect your existing organization to it. 

OKR Coaching (AI)

The OKR program enables each person at your company to set better OKRs and maintain a clarity in actions and checkins throughout every week. 
Developed through 100s of coaching sessions, delivered to your complete work force at a fragment of the cost.

OKR Retro & Reset

By the end of the period – we gather around in the virtual workshop to go through all the insight that we’ve made. Together we set the next period on track with a new set of ambitious OKRs to move meaningful change in your company.

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