Vision Sprint®

Make sure your Vision gets connected with your people’s motivation and input. 

What is it

The Vision Sprint is a virtual workshop done in Miro. An exercise for all teams in your organisation where a prototype of WHY, HOW and WHAT is created and then pulled together. It normally starts in the leadership team and is then rolled out through a big-room workshop for additional level teams in your organisation.

Why should you do it?

Most leadership teams has developed a strategy, one that feels clear and powerful. But how can you actually tell that the strategy is understood and supports the motivation needed to achieve the change out in the organisation? Has it taken peoples values into consideration?

Take a more modern approach to strategy and execution by pressure-testing your current Vision & Strategy with the ones that are suppose to make it happen – the people that are your organisation.

How is it done?

The Vision Sprint is done through a series of virtual chapters and workshops. In short:

  • Start Meeting 
  • Survey
  • Pre-work WHY
  • Workshop: WHY
  • Pre-work: HOW
  • Workshop: HOW
  • Pre-work: WHAT
  • Workshop: WHAT
  • Final analysis & Summary of WHY, HOW & WHAT.

The Vision Sprint claims about 8 hours during a 1-2 week period for each participant.

“The Vision Sprint is not about creating an end product. Rather, it is the start of a journey that you do together to become more outcome-oriented as a team and purpose-driven as an organisation.

We believe, and hope, it will make your work life and organisation better.”

Johan Formgren
CEO, It’s in the Node
Ilustration of a woman in a meditative state.

Sounds good right?

Let us tell you more in a personal meeting (30-60 min) where we go through the templates and brief in detail needed to run the Vision Sprint.