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Customer Success Stories

There are so many reasons why I recommend Node, but if I had to say just one it would be that it “just works”. Full stop.

Photo of David Holmberg, CEO - The Information Company
David Holmberg
CEO, The Information Company

When we introduce new users to the system they buy into the method really quickly because Node made it so simple. They helped us to take away all the confusing extra processes and admin that usually comes with “original” OKRs!

Photo of Anna Engman, HR Manager
Anna Engman
HR manager, ReachMee
Thanks to its great transparency and focus, we are able to drive the whole organization towards our overall strategy. Co-workers can set their own focus and get instant feedback on their progress. This really builds on team spirit and creates ambition to accomplish something great together.
Photo of Ulrika Viklund, General Manager
Ulrika Viklund
General Manager, Magine

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