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"It's in the Node".

It’s in the Node is a tool, it is a method for strategy execution, but it is also a Vision.

They say that people leave managers, not companies. But what makes people stay, and not only stay – but thrive at companies? We have asked ourselves the question as founders and in 100s of coach sessions: What is it that really makes you tick and why? What we’ve learned is that in order for us humans to feel really engaged – we need to feel that we make a difference.

The average life expectancy of a Fortune 500 company has gone from 75 years in 1955 to 15 years in 2015, and yet, the actively engaged on average in a company is still around only 13% globally and the actively disengaged are even higher – 17,2%.

Today’s workforce is driven by purpose and impact and as the world is getting hyper-connected we anticipate an even stronger shift in power towards the individual.

And that is a good thing. In fact – it is crucial. With the speed of change mentioned above, no organisation will stay relevant over time unless it makes sure it can adapt its strategy towards the ever-changing market. To do this – it needs all people aboard.

We want to activate each person at your organisation so that the untapped potential of each and every one of us is realized. It is about growing the venture with the real drive of people wanting to achieve meaningful change.

The potential is in activating each person, each node of the network that is you and your organization.

Your organization has a huge potential – it’s in the Node.

Johan Formgren
Founder, It’s in the Node


Well, it is personal and even a bit secret, but we practice what we preach – simplify your vision by answering these three questions in the shortest possible manner.

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