OKR Examples within Innovation

Read on to get general OKR Examples within Innovation. Suitable for roles such as CEOs, Business Developers and C-suite roles and others.
OKR Innovation

What is an OKR?

We hope the below OKR Examples within Innovation will get you off to a good start with your new OKRs. OKR stands for Objecitive & Key Results and is a way of formulating a goal with both a high level of purpose (Objective) and a set of clearly stated effects that needs to happen (Key Results). You can say that the Objective is a description of something meaningful that needs to happen, and the key result is the proof that it has happened.

The Structure of an OKR

The Objective: WHAT we want to see happen.

Key Result 1: Measurable OUTCOME that needs to happen.

Key Result 2: Measurable OUTCOME that needs to happen.

Within the Innovation space, the most common types of roles driving change include CEOs, Business Developers and C-suite level executives in general. 

Check out the examples below and feel free to copy them into our OKR tool, or wherever you keep your OKRs.

Examples of OKRs within Innovation

An OKR to drive new business creation, 
We have significantly increased our new business
40 new businesses launched over the past three reporting periods per $1 million revenue
20 new businesses launched over the past three reporting periods per $10 million R&D spend
An OKR to improve product speed
The speed we launch new products at is next-level
Go from 300 to 200 days in time-to-market in average for all products (including product improvements and extensions)
Get to profitability in 13 months on average for new product/service development projects
An OKR to measure how internal innovation is used to improve existing products.
Internal innovation leads to improvements in existing products
80 new ideas from internal sources
Go from 10 to 25 % of total innovation spend allocated to enhancements to existing products/processes/business models
An OKR to increase revenue through employee-driven innovation.
Our team is is driving innovation through sales
60 % of employees are tasked with at least one innovation goal
1,000 in average revenue per employee for the current reporting period

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