OKR Program

Bring OKR training to your teams through this focused program that creates a unified way of working with OKRs.

Program Setup

OKR Kick Off

The Program starts with a 2h team workshop where we introduce the strategic mindset and tactics around setting up OKRs to create meaningful change. Workshop is conducted in Miro and in Node.

OKR 1on1 Coaching

Dedicated OKR training from our team of highly experienced coaches and OKR experts will take each key person in your team to a new level of OKR tactics and strategy. Consists of continuous coaching via Node as well as Miro. Also includes 4 dedicated sessions via Zoom.

OKR Retro & Reset

Insights gathered asynchronously throughout the quarter are summarized and discussed in a retrospective workshop with your team leading to new insights and learnings that is turned into actionable focus and OKRs for the coming quarter.

Set OKRs

Become a black belt in strategic OKRs.

Using best practice from the 100s of coaching sessions we’ve held, we make sure you ask the right questions before you arrive at your OKR.

Introducing Cat the coach and shooting-for-the-moon awesome Client of It's in the Node.

Committed coaching through 1on1s and more

Our team of coaches sets up a training program to educate, push and coach your selected leaders. 

“It is Node’s process in itself that is the real value.

How it forces us to remember the long game and focus on our main mission – to create real effect for children at risk in Sweden. It brings this focus to our everyday work, every week, every quarter.”

Get to work

Get to work with our OKR app.

We put our method and your ideas into work in a very hands-on approach, utilizing the mix of OKR experts and our lightweight web app.

Sustained momentum

We take you through your first quarter and then the next.

Getting great at OKRs is a contantly evolving endeavour, we make sure you not only get a first shot, but keep building momentum for each quarter. With us, you will stick to it.

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