These terms (“AI Program Terms”) supplement the privacy policy and agreement between the parties governing access and use to Its in the Node AB services (the “Agreement”) and apply to and govern participation in the Its in the Node AB AI beta program, providing AI-enabled features and functionality to program participants (“AI Program”). All defined terms herein shall retain the same meaning as in the Agreement.
Our Privacy Policy, integrated by reference, incorporates any provisions unaddressed in these AI Program Terms.

Participation and Termination

Its in the Node AB reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, replace, suspend, or discontinue the AI Program or amend the AI Program Terms at any time, either by posting a notice on our websites or Service or by sending an email. We may also restrict access to parts or all of the AI Program without notice or liability. Regularly reviewing these AI Program Terms is your responsibility. Continued use of the AI Program after the posting of any changes constitutes acceptance of those changes. Access and use of the Its in the Node AB AI Program, or specific features therein, may be subject to additional fees. Participation in the AI Program is optional.

Nature of AI

You may submit input to be processed by Its in the Node AB AI (“Input”) and receive output generated based on the Input (“Output”). Input and Output are considered your data or Customer Content, as applicable. You shall ensure your Input and use of the Its in the Node AB AI comply with all applicable laws. The development, content, operation, maintenance, and use of your data and Customer Content are solely your responsibility.

Intellectual Property

You acknowledge that all legal rights, title, and interest in and to the AI Program and Its in the Node AB AI, including intellectual property rights, are retained by us. Except for the license provided herein, no other rights or permissions to any of Its in the Node AB AI are granted.

Additional Use Provisions

You shall not use Its in the Node AB AI to develop competing models or to mislead any persons regarding the human origin of the Output. You shall not use our services to generate spam or content for electoral campaigns or in a manner outside the scope of your license in the Agreement. Due to the inherent nature of machine learning, Output may not be unique, and similar outputs may be generated for others.
Its in the Node AB may utilize technology provided by third parties to deliver certain features and functionality. You agree not to violate any third-party terms, conditions, or acceptable use policies when using such technologies.

Improvement of Services

We do not permit third parties to use your data or Customer Content to improve or train their AI models, nor do we use your data or Customer Content to improve or train our models without your explicit consent.

Additional Processing Instruction

If your Input contains Customer Personal Data (as defined in the Data Processing Addendum between the parties), you instruct Its in the Node AB to process the Customer Personal Data to provide the Its in the Node AB AI functionality and Output.
You acknowledge that Its in the Node AB may use third-party services to provide AI functionality for the purposes of your participation in the Its in the Node AB AI Program.